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Physics Teacher

February 2014 Volume 52, Number 2

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Visualizing Sound with an Electro-Optical Eardrum

    Nicholas P. Truncale & Michelle T. Graham

    As science educators, one of our important responsibilities is ensuring students possess the proper tools and accommodations to examine phenomena in a laboratory setting. It is our job to innovate ... More

    pp. 76-79

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  2. The Singing Rod (in the Modern Age)

    B Lasby, J M. O'Meara & M Williams

    This is a classic classroom demonstration of resonance, nodes, anti-nodes, and standing waves that has been described elsewhere. The modern age twist that we are advocating is the coupling of this ... More

    pp. 86-87

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  3. Analyzing Collision Processes with the Smartphone Acceleration Sensor

    Patrik Vogt & Jochen Kuhn

    It has been illustrated several times how the built-in acceleration sensors of smartphones can be used gainfully for quantitative experiments in school and university settings (see the overview in ... More

    pp. 118-119

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