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Physics Teacher

November 2013 Volume 51, Number 8

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Seeing Earth's Orbit in the Stars: Parallax and Aberration

    Todd K. Timberlake

    During the 17th century the idea of an orbiting and rotating Earth became increasingly popular, but opponents of this view continued to point out that the theory had observable consequences that... More

    pp. 478-481

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  2. Moving Worked Problems to YouTube

    Warren Christensen

    This article has two goals: (1) To convince you that you should use web-based videos outside of class for the transmissive, but necessary, portions of your lectures, and (2) to convince you that ... More

    pp. 500-502

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  3. Smartphone-Aided Measurements of the Speed of Sound in Different Gaseous Mixtures

    Sara Orsola Parolin & Giovanni Pezzi

    Here we describe classroom-based procedures aiming at the estimation of the speed of sound in different gas mixtures with the help of a plastic drain pipe and two iPhones or iPod touches. The... More

    pp. 508-509

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