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Physics Teacher

April 2013 Volume 51, Number 4

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  1. Using the Wii Balance Board in Elevator Physics

    Donna Mullenax

    The Wii Balance Board is a popular accessory to the wireless video system the Wii. In the past few years, the Wii Remote[TM] and Wii Balance Board accessories to the Wii have made their way into... More

    pp. 210-211

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  2. Augmented Reality Comes to Physics

    Mark Buesing & Michael Cook

    Augmented reality (AR) is a technology used on computing devices where processor-generated graphics are rendered over real objects to enhance the sensory experience in real time. In other words,... More

    pp. 226-227

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  3. Graphs and Tracks Revisited

    Wolfgang Christian & Mario Belloni

    We have recently developed a Graphs and Tracks model based on an earlier program by David Trowbridge, as shown in Fig. 1. Our model can show position, velocity, acceleration, and energy graphs and ... More

    pp. 240-241

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  4. Simulation of the Physics of Flight

    W Brian Lane

    Computer simulations continue to prove to be a valuable tool in physics education. Based on the needs of an Aviation Physics course, we developed the PHYSics of FLIght Simulator (PhysFliS), which... More

    pp. 242-244

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