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Physics Teacher

October 2012 Volume 50, Number 7

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Tumbling: From Rally Cars to Toast

    Mario Belloni & Wolfgang Christian

    The article by Rod Cross describing the translational and rotational motion of the "Launch of a Vehicle from a Ramp" motivated us to create two computer models showing this type of dynamical behavior. More

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  2. A Simple Interactive Software Package for Plotting, Animating, and Calculating

    Larry Engelhardt

    We introduce a new open source (free) software package that provides a simple, highly interactive interface for carrying out certain mathematical tasks that are commonly encountered in physics.... More

    pp. 402-405

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  3. Magnetic Braking: A Video Analysis

    J A. Molina-Bolivar & A J. Abella-Palacios

    This paper presents a laboratory exercise that introduces students to the use of video analysis software and the Lenz's law demonstration. Digital techniques have proved to be very useful for the... More

    pp. 412-413

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  4. Near-Field Imaging with Sound: An Acoustic STM Model

    Manfred Euler

    The invention of scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) 30 years ago opened up a visual window to the nano-world and sparked off a bunch of new methods for investigating and controlling matter and its... More

    pp. 414-416

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  5. Grading Homework to Emphasize Problem-Solving Process Skills

    Kathleen A. Harper

    This article describes a grading approach that encourages students to employ particular problem-solving skills. Some strengths of this method, called "process-based grading," are that it is easy to... More

    pp. 424-426

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