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Physics Teacher

March 2012 Volume 50, Number 3

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  1. Modeling the Mousetrap Car

    William D. Jumper

    Many high school and introductory college physics courses make use of mousetrap car projects and competitions as a way of providing an engaging hands-on learning experience incorporating Newton's... More

    pp. 137-142

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  2. Teaching Basic Quantum Mechanics in Secondary School Using Concepts of Feynman Path Integrals Method

    Maria de los Angeles Fanaro, Maria Rita Otero & Marcelo Arlego

    This paper discusses the teaching of basic quantum mechanics in high school. Rather than following the usual formalism, our approach is based on Feynman's path integral method. Our presentation... More

    pp. 156-158

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  3. Stereo 3-D Vision in Teaching Physics

    Svetoslav Zabunov

    Stereo 3-D vision is a technology used to present images on a flat surface (screen, paper, etc.) and at the same time to create the notion of three-dimensional spatial perception of the viewed... More

    pp. 163-166

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