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Physics Teacher

October 2011 Volume 49, Number 7

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  1. Preparing Your Students for Careers in Science and Engineering: How Is Your State Doing?

    Susan White & Paul Cottle

    With one glance at the starting salaries of new bachelor's degree recipients in Fig. 1, a teacher or parent can see the career fields to which their high school students interested in the best... More

    pp. 418-420

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  2. Don't Erase that Whiteboard! Archiving Student Work on a Photo-Sharing Website

    Edward Price, Stephen Tsui, Alicia Hart & Lydia Saucedo

    Students in physics courses often use whiteboards to brainstorm, solve problems, and present results to the rest of the class, particularly in courses involving collaborative small group work and... More

    pp. 426-428

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