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Physics Teacher

September 2011 Volume 49, Number 6

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  1. High-Speed Video Analysis in a Conceptual Physics Class

    Dwain M. Desbien

    The use of probe ware and computers has become quite common in introductory physics classrooms. Video analysis is also becoming more popular and is available to a wide range of students through... More

    pp. 332-333

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  2. Building Dynamic Conceptual Physics Understanding

    Charlotte Trout, Scott A. Sinex & Susan Ragan

    Models are essential to the learning and doing of science, and systems thinking is key to appreciating many environmental issues. The National Science Education Standards include models and systems... More

    pp. 377-379

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  3. Motivating Calculus-Based Kinematics Instruction with Super Mario Bros

    Jeffrey C. Nordine

    High-quality physics instruction is contextualized, motivates students to learn, and represents the discipline as a way of investigating the world rather than as a collection of facts and equations... More

    pp. 380-382

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  4. Experiments Using Cell Phones in Physics Classroom Education: The Computer-Aided "g" Determination

    Patrik Vogt, Jochen Kuhn & Sebastian Muller

    This paper continues the collection of experiments that describe the use of cell phones as experimental tools in physics classroom education. We describe a computer-aided determination of the free-... More

    pp. 383-384

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