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Physics Teacher

April 2011 Volume 49, Number 4

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  1. Teaching Newton's Laws with the iPod Touch in Conceptual Physics

    Angela M. Kelly

    One of the greatest challenges in teaching physics is helping students achieve a conceptual understanding of Newton's laws. I find that students fresh from middle school can sometimes recite the... More

    pp. 202-205

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  2. Inexpensive Instruments for a Sound Unit

    Bob Brazzle

    My unit on sound and waves is embedded within a long-term project in which my high school students construct a musical instrument out of common materials. The unit culminates with a performance... More

    pp. 228-230

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  3. A Mechanical Analogue of the Refracting Telescope

    Maurizio Vannoni, Giuseppe Molesini, Andrea Sordini & Samuele Straulino

    The recent celebration of the discoveries made by Galileo four centuries ago has attracted new attention to the refracting telescope and to its use as an instrument for the observation of the night... More

    pp. 236-237

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