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Physics Teacher

February 2011 Volume 49, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Unfortunate Outcomes of a "Funny" Physics Problem: Some Eye-Opening YouTube Comments

    Josip Slisko & Dewey Dykstra

    The impressions we make as instructors of physics can affect student learning and public perception of physics teachers, physics as an academic subject, and physics as a profession. There are many ... More

    pp. 72-75

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  2. Screencasts for Physics Students

    Mark Vondracek

    This paper outlines the use of "how to" videos, in the form of a screencast using a tablet computer, and posting the videos online. These videos are useful for when students miss a class, for those... More

    pp. 84-85

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  3. "Staying in Focus"--An Online Optics Tutorial on the Eye

    Barbara M. Hoeling

    The human eye and its vision problems are often used as an entry subject and attention grabber in the teaching of geometrical optics. While this is a real-life application students can relate to,... More

    pp. 86-88

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  4. Teaching Scientific Inquiry with Galaxy Zoo

    Stephanie J. Slater, Timothy F. Slater & Daniel J. Lyons

    The universe of topics to choose from when teaching an astronomy course is astronomically immense. This wide array of opportunity presents some inherently difficult choices for teachers at all... More

    pp. 94-96

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  5. The Hope of Audacity[R] (to Teach Acoustics)

    Jennifer Groppe

    When working on an oral history project, my brother recommended that I download a free audio recording and editing program called Audacity[R]. I have since discovered that it is a fantastic tool... More

    pp. 99-102

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