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Physics Teacher

December 2010 Volume 48, Number 9

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  1. Exploring the Solar System with a Human Orrery

    Peter Newbury

    One of the fundamental learning goals of introductory astronomy is for the students to gain some perspective on the scale and structure of the solar system. Many astronomy teachers have laid out... More

    pp. 573-577

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  2. Experiments with Helium-Filled Balloons

    Anthony C. Zable

    The concepts of Newtonian mechanics, fluids, and ideal gas law physics are often treated as separate and isolated topics in the typical introductory college-level physics course, especially in the ... More

    pp. 582-586

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  3. Measuring Model Rocket Engine Thrust Curves

    Kim Penn & William V. Slaton

    This paper describes a method and setup to quickly and easily measure a model rocket engine's thrust curve using a computer data logger and force probe. Horst describes using Vernier's LabPro and... More

    pp. 591-593

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