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Physics Teacher

October 2010 Volume 48, Number 7

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  1. Simple Animations with Excels

    Roger Blickensderfer

    In recent years there has been a rapid expansion in the use of animated drawings for teaching physics. The benefits to the students are obvious. Rather than looking at still pictures in a textbook,... More

    pp. 465-467

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  2. Digitizing Sound: How Can Sound Waves Be Turned into Ones and Zeros?

    Matthew Vick

    From MP3 players to cell phones to computer games, we're surrounded by a constant stream of ones and zeros. Do we really need to know how this technology works? While nobody can understand... More

    pp. 468-470

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  3. A Year without Paper: Tablet Computers in the Classroom

    John Fons

    Students can be seen throughout any campus in America carrying their cell phones, laptop computers, and iPhones. I've seen a tremendous increase in the student use of laptop computers during... More

    pp. 481-483

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