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Physics Teacher

April 2010 Volume 48, Number 4

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  1. Teaching the Fundamentals of Cell Phones and Wireless Communications

    Mark Davids, Rick Forrest & Don Pata

    Wireless communications are ubiquitous. Students and teachers use iPhones[R], BlackBerrys[R], and other smart phones at home and at work. More than 275 million Americans had cell phones in June of ... More

    pp. 217-221

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  2. Teaching Physics Using PhET Simulations

    C E. Wieman, W K. Adams, P Loeblein & K K. Perkins

    PhET Interactive Simulations (sims) are now being widely used in teaching physics and chemistry. Sims can be used in many different educational settings, including lecture, individual or small... More

    pp. 225-227

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