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Physics Teacher

February 2010 Volume 48, Number 2

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Obtaining and Investigating Unconventional Sources of Radioactivity

    David R. Lapp

    This paper provides examples of naturally radioactive items that are likely to be found in most communities. Additionally, there is information provided on how to acquire many of these items... More

    pp. 90-92

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  2. Online Self-Reporting of Pencil-and-Paper Homework

    Matthew L. Trawick

    Physics teachers are most effective when their students are active learners who think and participate in every class. This extends beyond the classroom too: ideally, students would tackle... More

    pp. 118-120

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  3. Standing Sound Waves in Air with DataStudio

    Yaakov Kraftmakher

    Two experiments related to standing sound waves in air are adapted for using the ScienceWorkshop data-acquisition system with the DataStudio software from PASCO scientific. First, the standing... More

    pp. 122-123

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