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Physics Teacher

January 2010 Volume 48, Number 1

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Polarization Imaging and Insect Vision

    Adam S. Green, Paul R. Ohmann, Nick E. Leininger & James A. Kavanaugh

    For several years we have included discussions about insect vision in the optics units of our introductory physics courses. This topic is a natural extension of demonstrations involving Brewster's ... More

    pp. 17-20

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  2. Artificial Video for Video Analysis

    Michael R. Gallis

    This paper discusses the use of video analysis software and computer-generated animations for student activities. The use of artificial video affords the opportunity for students to study phenomena... More

    pp. 32-34

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  3. Laptops and Diesel Generators: Introducing PhET Simulations to Teachers in Uganda

    Sam McKagan

    This article describes workshops for high school physics teachers in Uganda on inquiry-based teaching and PhET simulations. I hope it increases awareness of the conditions teachers face in... More

    pp. 63-66

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