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Physics Teacher

November 2009 Volume 47, Number 8

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Steel Spheres and Skydiver--Terminal Velocity

    J Costa Leme, C Moura & Cintia Costa

    This paper describes the use of open source video analysis software in the study of the relationship between the velocity of falling objects and time. We discuss an experiment in which a steel... More

    pp. 531-532

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  2. Inexpensive Strobe-Like Photographs

    Emil L. Medeiros, Odilon A. P. Tavares & Sergio B. Duarte

    This paper reports on a technique the authors have developed to produce and analyze, at very low cost, good quality strobe-like photographs. While the concept is similar to the one described by... More

    pp. 536-541

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