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Physics Teacher

November 2008 Volume 46, Number 8

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  1. Easy Implementation of Internet-Based Whiteboard Physics Tutorials

    Andrew Robinson

    The requirement for a method of capturing problem solving on a whiteboard for later replay stems from my teaching load, which includes two classes of first-year university general physics, each... More

    pp. 456-459

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  2. Fourier Analysis of Musical Intervals

    Michael C. LoPresto

    Use of a microphone attached to a computer to capture musical sounds and software to display their waveforms and harmonic spectra has become somewhat commonplace. A recent article in "The Physics... More

    pp. 486-489

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  3. Podcasting a Physics Lecture

    James E. R. McDonald

    The technology of podcasting, or creating audio or video files that can be subscribed to over the Internet, has grown in popularity over the past few years. Many educators have already begun... More

    pp. 490-493

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