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Physics Teacher

October 2008 Volume 46, Number 7

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Measurement of "g" Using a Flashing LED

    T Terzella, J Sundermier, J Sinacore, C Owen & H Takai

    In one of the classic free-fall experiments, a small mass is attached to a strip of paper tape and both are allowed to fall through a spark timer, where sparks are generated at regular time... More

    pp. 395-397

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  2. Computer-Based Experiment for Determining Planck's Constant Using LEDs

    Feng Zhou & Todd Cloninger

    Visible light emitting diodes (LEDs) have been widely used as power indicators. However, after the power is switched off, it takes a while for the LED to go off. Many students were fascinated by... More

    pp. 413-415

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  3. A Time-of-Flight Method to Measure the Speed of Sound Using a Stereo Sound Card

    Carlos C. Carvalho, J M. B. Lopes dos Santos & M B. Marques

    Most homes in developed countries have a sophisticated data acquisition board, namely the PC sound board. Designed to be able to reproduce CD-quality stereo sound, it must have a sampling rate of... More

    pp. 428-431

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