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Physics Teacher

September 2007 Volume 45, Number 6

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  1. Introduction to Fourier Optics

    Elisha Huggins

    Much like a physical prism, which displays the frequency components of a light wave, Fourier analysis can be thought of as a mathematical prism that can tell us what harmonics or frequency... More

    pp. 364-368

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  2. March of the Planets

    Bruce Thompson

    The motion of the planets in their orbits can be demonstrated to students by using planetarium software programs. These allow time to be sped up so that the relative motions are readily observed.... More

    pp. 369-371

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  3. and Physics Education

    Susan Ramlo

    The website (pronounced "archive") is a free online resource for full-text articles in the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science, nonlinear science, and quantitative biology... More

    pp. 374-375

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  4. A Simple Classroom Simulation of Heat Energy Diffusing through a Metal Bar

    Mark Kinsler & Evelyn Kinzel

    We present an iterative procedure that does not rely on calculus to model heat flow through a uniform bar of metal and thus avoids the use of the partial differential equation typically needed to... More

    pp. 382-385

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