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Physics Teacher

1999 Volume 37, Number 8

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Number of articles: 2

  1. The Asymmetrical "Sticking" Behavior of Two Balls on an Incline

    A John Mallinckrodt

    Offers a relatively simple analysis of the asymmetrical "sticking" and rolling behavior of two balls, one steel and one rubber, on an incline. Describes an Interactive Physics (TM) simulation... More

    pp. 463-67

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  2. Modeling Forces on the Human Body

    Vasilis Pagonis, Russel Drake, Michael Morgan, Todd Peters, Chris Riddle & Karen Rollins

    Presents five models of the human body as a mechanical system which can be used in introductory physics courses: human arms as levers, humans falling from small heights, a model of the human back, ... More

    pp. 469-74

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