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Physics Teacher

1995 Volume 33, Number 6

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Computer Physics on the Playground

    Richard Taylor

    Presents Texas Instruments' new Calculator-Based Laboratory (CBL), a hand-held device that connects to a graphing calculator, as a tool to make sophisticated measurements outside the classroom... More

    pp. 332-37

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  2. Accelerometer Measurements in the Amusement Park

    Charles Reno & Robert R. Speers

    Describes the use of the Texas Instruments' calculator-based laboratory (CBL) and Vernier accelerometer for measuring the vector sum of the gravitational field and the acceleration of amusement... More

    pp. 382-84

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  3. Exploring Newton's Third Law

    Kathy Malone & Bob Rieland

    Describes the use of an exploratory computerized approach to introduce first-year physics students to the ramifications of Newton's third law of motion. (JRH) More

    pp. 410-11

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