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Physics Teacher

1995 Volume 33, Number 5

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Hardware and Software Preferences

    Robert J. Beichner

    Evaluates a pair of workshops conducted by the Physics Courseware Evaluation Project. Presents data collected on computer tool needs of the teachers, microcomputer-based laboratory probes usage,... More

    pp. 270-74

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  2. Using the Graphing Calculator--in Physics Labs

    Richard L. Taylor

    Describes the use of the TI-82 graphics calculator as an intermediate step in introducing computers to the high-school physics lab. Discusses linking the calculator with other machines so that... More

    pp. 312-14

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  3. Using the Graphing Calculator--in Two-Dimensional Motion Plots

    Chris Brueningsen & William Bower

    Presents a series of simple activities involving generalized two-dimensional motion topics to prepare students to study projectile motion. Uses a pair of motion detectors, each connected to a... More

    pp. 314-16

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