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Physics Teacher

1995 Volume 33, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. The Not-So-Simple Pendulum

    Cindy Schwarz

    Describes learnings originating from a simple pendulum simulation using "interactive physics" simulations. Discusses tension in the rope, acceleration of the pendulum bob, and initial displacements... More

    pp. 225-28

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  2. Hands-On and Computer Simulations

    Brian Hasson & Amy L. R. Bug

    Describes two laboratory exercises corresponding to studies of statics and dynamics to illustrate the concept that the combination of real and simulated laboratory tools, with some real data being ... More

    pp. 230-36

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  3. Physics Academic Software: Graphs and Tracks

    Ladye K. Wilkinson

    Describes the use of the computer software "Graphs and Tracks" a tool for interactive computer instruction, in teaching one-dimensional kinematics concepts and connecting these concepts to their... More

    pp. 254-55

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