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Physics Teacher

1991 Volume 29, Number 5

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Number of articles: 3

  1. An Unavoidable Collision

    T W. Craig & D Kiang

    Presents a problem to determine conditions under which two identical masses, constrained to move along two perpendicular wires, would collide when positioned on the wires and released with no... More

    pp. 290-91

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  2. Function Recognition and Computerized Graphing

    John Olson

    General physics students have difficulties interpreting experimental data and finding mathematical functions that produce curves resembling typical data. Proposes utilizing computer programs that... More

    pp. 293-95

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  3. The V-Scope: An "Oscilloscope" for Motion

    Miky Ronen & Aharon Lipman

    Proposes the V-Scope as a teaching aid to measure, analyze, and display three-dimensional multibody motion. Describes experiment setup considerations, how measurements are calculated, graphic... More

    pp. 298-302

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