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Physics Education

2018 Volume 53, Number 4

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Experiments to Investigate the Acoustic Properties of Sound Propagation

    Omur E. Dagdeviren

    Propagation of sound waves is one of the fundamental concepts in physics. Some of the properties of sound propagation such as attenuation of sound intensity with increasing distance are familiar to... More

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  2. Pendulum Rides, Rotations and the Coriolis Effect

    Ann-Marie Pendrill & Conny Modig

    An amusement park is full of examples that can be made into challenging problems for students, combining mathematical modelling with video analysis, as well as measurements in the rides.... More

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  3. Coupled Oscillators: Interesting Experiments for High School Students

    C. Kodejška, O. Lepil & H. Sedlácková

    This work deals with the experimental demonstration of coupled oscillators using simple tools in the form of mechanical coupled pendulums, magnetically coupled elastic strings or electromagnetic... More

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