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Physics Education

2017 Volume 52, Number 1

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  1. Approaching the Brachistochrone Using Inclined Planes--Striving for Shortest or Equal Travelling Times

    Florian Theilmann

    The classical "brachistochrone" problem asks for the path on which a mobile point M just driven by its own gravity will travel in the shortest possible time between two given points "... More

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  2. Design of a Solar Tracking Interactive Kiosk

    Nathaniel R. Greene & Jeffrey C. Brunskill

    A two-axis solar tracker and its interactive kiosk were designed by an interdisciplinary team of students and faculty. The objective was to develop a publicly accessible kiosk that would facilitate... More

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  3. A Modern Galileo Tale

    Stefano Arnone, Francesco Moauro & Matteo Siccardi

    The year 2014 marked the four-hundred-and-fiftieth anniversary of Galileo's birth, making it the perfect occasion to present and illustrate a GeoGebra applet which reproduces some of Galileo's... More

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  4. Ramp It Up and Down

    André Heck & Onne van Buuren

    We describe a simple experiment about sliding friction of an object moving with non-constant speed along an inclined plane. This experiment can be used to study the entire dynamical process of... More

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  5. Simulating Satellite and Space Probe Motion at High School with Spreadsheets

    Jan Benacka

    This paper gives an account of an experiment in which thirty-three high school students of ages 17-19 developed spreadsheet numerical models of satellite and space probe motion. The models are free... More

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  6. Teaching Renewable Energy Using Online PBL in Investigating Its Effect on Behaviour towards Energy Conservation among Malaysian Students: ANOVA Repeated Measures Approach

    Norfarah Nordin, Mohd Ali Samsudin & Abdul Hadi Harun

    This research aimed to investigate whether online problem based learning (PBL) approach to teach renewable energy topic improves students' behaviour towards energy conservation. A renewable energy ... More

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