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Physics Education

March 2015 Volume 50, Number 2

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Motion of a Charged Particle in a Constant and Uniform Electromagnetic Field

    L A. Ladino, S H. Rondón & P Orduz

    This paper focuses on the use of software developed by the authors that allows the visualization of the motion of a charged particle under the influence of magnetic and electric fields in 3D, at a ... More

    pp. 165-169

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  2. The Butterfly Effect for Physics Laboratories

    James R. Claycomb & John H. Valentine

    A low-cost chaos dynamics lab is developed for quantitative demonstration of the butterfly effect using a magnetic pendulum. Chaotic motion is explored by recording magnetic time series. Students... More

    pp. 170-174

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  3. Understanding Resonance Graphs Using Easy Java Simulations (EJS) and Why We Use EJS

    Loo Kang Wee, Tat Leong Lee, Charles Chew, Darren Wong & Samuel Tan

    This paper reports a computer model simulation created using Easy Java Simulation (EJS) for learners to visualize how the steady-state amplitude of a driven oscillating system varies with the... More

    pp. 189-196

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  4. Google Earth Science

    William H. Baird, Clifford W. Padgett & Jeffery A. Secrest

    Google Earth has made a wealth of aerial imagery available online at no cost to users. We examine some of the potential uses of that data in illustrating basic physics and astronomy, such as... More

    pp. 224-231

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