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Physics Education

July 2013 Volume 48, Number 4

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Number of articles: 3

  1. A Hands-on Exploration of the Retrograde Motion of Mars as Seen from the Earth

    M M. Pincelli & S Otranto

    In this paper, we propose a set of activities based on the use of a celestial simulator to gain insights into the retrograde motion of Mars as seen from the Earth. These activities provide a useful... More

    pp. 448-454

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  2. Investigating Diffusion with Technology

    Jon S. Miller & Augden F. Windelborn

    The activities described here allow students to explore the concept of diffusion with the use of common equipment such as computers, webcams and analysis software. The procedure includes taking a... More

    pp. 459-464

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  3. History of Physical Terms: "Pressure"

    Clara Frontali

    Scientific terms drawn from common language are often charged with suggestions that may even be inconsistent with their restricted scientific meaning, thus posing didactic problems. The (non-linear... More

    pp. 484-490

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