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Physics Education

May 2013 Volume 48, Number 3

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Analysis of Pendulum Period with an iPod Touch/iPhone

    Justin Briggle

    We describe the use of Apple's iPod touch/iPhone, acting as the pendulum bob, as a means of measuring pendulum period, making use of the device's three-axis digital accelerometer and the ... More

    pp. 285-288

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  2. Educational Pathways through Nanoscience: Nitinol as a Paradigmatic Smart Material

    Annamaria Lisotti, Valentina De Renzi, Carlo Andrea Rozzi, Elena Villa, Franca Albertini & Guido Goldoni

    We developed an educational path based on nitinol, a shape memory alloy which conveniently exemplifies the smart material concept, i.e., a material that performs a predetermined, reversible action ... More

    pp. 298-311

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  3. Investigating the Inverse Square Law with the Timepix Hybrid Silicon Pixel Detector: A CERN [at] School Demonstration Experiment

    T Whyntie & B Parker

    The Timepix hybrid silicon pixel detector has been used to investigate the inverse square law of radiation from a point source as a demonstration of the CERN [at] school detector kit capabilities. ... More

    pp. 344-349

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  4. A Unit on Deterministic Chaos for Student Teachers

    D Stavrou, S Assimopoulos & C Skordoulis

    A unit aiming to introduce pre-service teachers of primary education to the limited predictability of deterministic chaotic systems is presented. The unit is based on a commercial chaotic pendulum ... More

    pp. 355-359

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  5. A Multipurpose Interactive System for Promoting and Assessing the Learning of Physics

    Vittorio Picciarelli, Giovanna Selvaggi & Rosa Stella

    This paper presents an interactive system designed to facilitate the effective management of both knowledge consolidation and (self-)assessment of the progress made in the learning of physics by... More

    pp. 378-389

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