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Physics Education

September 2012 Volume 47, Number 5

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Why Do Photo Finish Images Look Weird?

    Bor Gregorcic & Gorazd Planinsic

    This paper deals with effects that appear on photographs of rotating objects when taken by a photo finish camera, a rolling shutter camera or a computer scanner. These effects are very similar to... More

    pp. 530-536

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  2. Should We Bother with the Speed of Light in Everyday Life? A Closer Look at GSM Technology

    Tomasz Kawalec

    The speed of light, or more generally, the speed of electromagnetic waves, seems to be incredibly high. 300 000 km s[superscript -1] is far greater than the typical speed of a car, a plane or even ... More

    pp. 579-583

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  3. Measuring the Rebound Resilience of a Bouncing Ball

    Ajay Wadhwa

    Some balls which are made of high-quality rubber (an elastomeric) material, such as tennis or squash balls, could be used for the determination of an important property of such materials called... More

    pp. 620-626

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