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Physics Education

May 2011 Volume 46, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. More "Hands-On" Particle Physics: Learning with ATLAS at CERN

    Lynne Long

    This article introduces teachers and students to a new portal of resources called Learning with ATLAS at CERN (, which has been developed by a European... More

    pp. 270-280

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  2. The Development of Acoustic Experiments for Off-Campus Teaching and Learning

    Graham Wild & Geoff Swan

    In this article, we show the implementation of a computer-based digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) and function generator (FG) using the computer's soundcard for off-campus acoustic experiments.... More

    pp. 281-289

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  3. A Mobile Phone Faraday Cage

    M M. J. French

    A Faraday cage is an interesting physical phenomenon where an electromagnetic wave can be excluded from a volume of space by enclosure with an electrically conducting material. The practical... More

    pp. 290-293

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  4. A Simple Spectrophotometer Using Common Materials and a Digital Camera

    Eko Widiatmoko, Widayani , Maman Budiman, Mikrajuddin Abdullah & Khairurrijal

    A simple spectrophotometer was designed using cardboard, a DVD, a pocket digital camera, a tripod and a computer. The DVD was used as a diffraction grating and the camera as a light sensor. The... More

    pp. 332-339

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