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Physics Education

March 2011 Volume 46, Number 2

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Number of articles: 3

  1. An Innovative Context-Based Module to Introduce Students to the Optical Properties of Materials

    Testa , S Lombardi, G Monroy & E Sassi

    A context-based module to introduce secondary school students to the study of the optical properties of materials and geometric optics is presented. The module implements an innovative teaching... More

    pp. 167-177

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  2. Learning with Multiple Representations: An Example of a Revision Lesson in Mathematics

    Darren Wong, Sng Peng Poo, Ng Eng Hock & Wee Loo Kang

    We describe an example of learning with multiple representations in an A-level revision lesson on mechanics. The context of the problem involved the motion of a ball thrown vertically upwards in... More

    pp. 178-186

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  3. Phase Shifting and the Beating of Complex Waves

    David Keeports

    At the introductory level, the demonstration and analysis of sound beating is usually limited to the superposition of two purely sinusoidal waves with equal amplitudes and very similar frequencies.... More

    pp. 187-190

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