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Physics Education

January 2010 Volume 45, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Investigating the Conservation of Mechanical Energy Using Video Analysis: Four Cases

    J A. Bryan

    Inexpensive video analysis technology now enables students to make precise measurements of an object's position at incremental times during its motion. Such capability now allows users to "examine"... More

    pp. 50-57

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  2. Understanding the Physics of Bungee Jumping

    Andre Heck, Peter Uylings & Ewa Kedzierska

    Changing mass phenomena like the motion of a falling chain, the behaviour of a falling elastic bar or spring, and the motion of a bungee jumper surprise many a physicist. In this article we discuss... More

    pp. 63-72

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  3. Measuring Variable Refractive Indices Using Digital Photos

    S Lombardi, G Monroy, Testa & E Sassi

    A new procedure for performing quantitative measurements in teaching optics is presented. Application of the procedure to accurately measure the rate of change of the variable refractive index of a... More

    pp. 83-92

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  4. A Spreadsheet for Linear Least-Squares Fitting with Errors in both Coordinates

    B Cameron Reed

    A freely available, easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet for performing linear least-squares fits for (x, y) data with errors in both coordinates is described. (Contains 1 table and 1 figure.) More

    pp. 93-96

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