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Physics Education

September 2009 Volume 44, Number 5

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Innovative Science Experiments Using Phoenix

    B P. Ajith Kumar, V V. V. Satyanarayana, Kundan Singh & Parmanand Singh

    A simple, flexible and very low cost hardware plus software framework for developing computer-interfaced science experiments is presented. It can be used for developing computer-interfaced science ... More

    pp. 469-473

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  2. A Simple, Low-Cost, Data-Logging Pendulum Built from a Computer Mouse

    Vadas Gintautas & Alfred Hubler

    Lessons and homework problems involving a pendulum are often a big part of introductory physics classes and laboratory courses from high school to undergraduate levels. Although laboratory... More

    pp. 488-491

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  3. Introducing Mechanics: II. Towards a Justified Choice between Alternative Theories of Motion

    Katrina Emmett, Kees Klaassen & Harrie Eijkelhof

    In an earlier article we presented an innovative approach for introducing mechanics at upper secondary level based on the idea of tapping core causal knowledge, and we described the working of the ... More

    pp. 492-498

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