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Physics Education

March 2009 Volume 44, Number 2

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Exploration of the Electromagnetic Environment

    M Fullekrug

    The electromagnetic environment is composed of electric and magnetic fields which result from man-made and natural sources. An elementary experiment is described to explore the electromagnetic... More

    pp. 133-137

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  2. Astroblaster--A Fascinating Game of Multi-Ball Collisions

    Marian Kires

    Multi-ball collisions inside the Astroblaster toy are explained from the conservation of momentum point of view. The important role of the coefficient of restitution is demonstrated in ideal and... More

    pp. 159-164

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  3. Doll's House Physics

    Bob Kibble

    School physics rarely stands still for long. Environmental physics is now an option in some post-16 courses in England. The physics of environments, and in particular the built environment, offers ... More

    pp. 199-204

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