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Physics Education

May 2003 Volume 38, Number 3

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  1. Remote Access Astronomy

    Richard Beare, David Bowdley, Andrew Newsam & Paul Roche

    There is still nothing to beat the excitement and fulfilment that you can get from observing celestial bodies on a clear dark night, in a remote location away from the seemingly ever increasing... More

    pp. 232-236

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  2. Cyber Astronomy: A Cyber University Course for School Students

    C W. Chan & K Y. Michael Wong

    Teaching university physics through the internet is not new, but a new course providing the same service for secondary school students is the first of its kind in Hong Kong. Taking advantage of the... More

    pp. 237-242

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  3. A Teaching Tool for Molecular Kinetics

    Izumi Imai, Masahiro Kamata & Naosuke Miura

    Kinetic models of a gas can be hard for students to understand. Typical tools do not display events at the microscopic level, yet computer simulations of the molecules lack a hands-on aspect. Here ... More

    pp. 254-258

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