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Physics Education

2002 Volume 37, Number 2

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Number of articles: 4

  1. How Can the Internet Be Used To Enhance the Teaching of Physics?

    John Clinch & Kevin Richards

    Selection is the key to learning from the huge amount of information on the Internet. Describes how teachers can use a school Intranet or website to organize resources and direct students to the... More

    pp. 109-14

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  2. Using the Internet To Teach Physics

    Richard Hammond

    Three topics in particular in the National Curriculum can benefit from the use of varied resources off the Internet. Explains how to make physics more palatable using the internet. (Author) More

    pp. 115-17

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  3. Using the Internet to Make Physics Connect

    Martin Bazley, Lawrence Herklots & Lyn Branson

    Students need to do more than just look at web pages to learn from the Internet, they also need to interact and communicate with others. Describes ways to use resources from the internet in physics... More

    pp. 118-21

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  4. Window to the Web

    Nicola Hannam & Jason Wilde

    A new website from the Institute of Physics,, will now provide answers to many questions about physics. Developers describe the design and purpose of the site and look forward to... More

    pp. 122-27

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