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Journal of Educational Research

1992 Volume 85, Number 3

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Relation between Intellectual Ability and Working Method as Predictors of Learning

    Jan J. Elshout & Marcel V. J. Veenman

    The relationship between intellectual ability, working method, and learning was investigated with simulations in both structured and unstructured learning environments. High- and low-intelligence... More

    pp. 134-43

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  2. Effects of Word Processing on Sixth Graders' Holistic Writing and Revisions

    Gail F. Grejda & Michael J. Hannafin

    Study examined the impact of word processing on sixth graders' writing and revision skills. Students used pencil and paper or word processors, or both, to write and revise compositions. There were ... More

    pp. 144-49

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  3. Effects of Peer Interaction during Computer-Based Mathematics Instruction

    Simon Hooper

    Effects of group and individualized mathematics instruction were investigated in high and average ability elementary students, noting the impact of ability grouping on achievement. Students... More

    pp. 180-89

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