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Journal of Chemical Education

January 2014 Volume 91, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. A Comparison of the Usage of Tablet PC, Lecture Capture, and Online Homework in an Introductory Chemistry Course

    Kevin D. Revell

    Three emerging technologies were used in a large introductory chemistry class: a tablet PC, a lecture capture and replay software program, and an online homework program. At the end of the semester... More

    pp. 48-51

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  2. Protein Structure and Function: An Interdisciplinary Multimedia-Based Guided-Inquiry Education Module for the High School Science Classroom

    Casey M. Bethel & Raquel L. Lieberman

    Here we present a multidisciplinary educational unit intended for general, advanced placement, or international baccalaureate-level high school science, focused on the three-dimensional structure... More

    pp. 52-55

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  3. Ion Association versus Ion Interaction Models in Examining Electrolyte Solutions: Application to Calcium Hydroxide Solubility Equilibrium

    M Isabel Menéndez & Javier Borge

    The heterogeneous equilibrium of the solubility of calcium hydroxide in water is used to predict both its solubility product from solubility and solubility values from solubility product when inert... More

    pp. 91-95

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  4. Computational Study of Environmental Effects on Torsional Free Energy Surface of N-Acetyl-N'-methyl-L-alanylamide Dipeptide

    Silvia Carlotto & Mirco Zerbetto

    We propose an articulated computational experiment in which both quantum mechanics (QM) and molecular mechanics (MM) methods are employed to investigate environment effects on the free energy... More

    pp. 96-102

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