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International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology

2014 Volume 45, Number 7

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Student Perception of the Impact of Mathematics Support in Higher Education

    E Ní Fhloinn, O Fitzmaurice, C Mac an Bhaird & C O'Sullivan

    Mathematics support in higher education has become increasingly widespread over the past two decades, particularly in the UK, Ireland and Australia. Despite this, reliable evaluation of mathematics... More

    pp. 953-967

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  2. A Comparative Analysis of British and Taiwanese Students' Conceptual and Procedural Knowledge of Fraction Addition

    Hui-Chuan Li

    This study examines students' procedural and conceptual achievement in fraction addition in England and Taiwan. A total of 1209 participants (561 British students and 648 Taiwanese students)... More

    pp. 968-979

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  3. Using Dynamic Software in Mathematics: The Case of Reflection Symmetry

    Enver Tatar, Adnan Akkaya & Türkan Berrin Kagizmanli

    This study was carried out to examine the effects of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) using dynamic software on the achievement of students in mathematics in the topic of reflection symmetry.... More

    pp. 980-995

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  4. Productive and Ineffective Efforts: How Student Effort in High School Mathematics Relates to College Calculus Success

    Barnett , G Sonnert & PM Sadler

    Relativizing the popular belief that student effort is the key to success, this article finds that effort in the most advanced mathematics course in US high schools is not consistently associated... More

    pp. 996-1020

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  5. Effective Communication, Critical Aspects and Compositionality in Algebra

    Lucian Olteanu

    This paper contains a discussion of how the concept of critical aspects and the principle of compositionality can provide a powerful tool to analyse and understand the communications that occur in ... More

    pp. 1021-1033

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  6. Revisiting Mathematical Problem Solving and Posing in the Digital Era: Toward Pedagogically Sound Uses of Modern Technology

    S Abramovich

    The availability of sophisticated computer programs such as "Wolfram Alpha" has made many problems found in the secondary mathematics curriculum somewhat obsolete for they can be easily... More

    pp. 1034-1052

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  7. Rethinking the Discovery Function of Proof within the Context of Proofs and Refutations

    Kotaro Komatsu, Yosuke Tsujiyama & Aruta Sakamaki

    Proof and proving are important components of school mathematics and have multiple functions in mathematical practice. Among these functions of proof, this paper focuses on the discovery function... More

    pp. 1053-1067

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