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Educational Technology

2015 Volume 55, Number 2

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Number of articles: 9

  1. Are Individual Differences Undertreated in Instructional Design?

    George L. Gropper

    Instructional design can be more effective if it is as fixedly dedicated to the accommodation of individual differences as it currently is to the accommodation of subject matters. That is the... More

    pp. 3-13

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  2. Recruitment Gaming: A New Tool at the Interface of Education and Employers

    Gavin W. Porter & Michael A. Tanenbaum

    Recruitment gaming embodies an exciting new tool at the interface of the education and private sectors. Employers and recruitment platforms add new complications to the already problematic... More

    pp. 13-19

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  3. The Changing Nature of Educational Technology Programs

    J Michael Spector

    The many changes in educational technologies have been well documented in both the professional and popular literature. What is less well documented is the changing nature of programs that prepare ... More

    pp. 19-25

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  4. Educational Technology Research in a VUCA World

    Thomas C. Reeves & Patricia M. Reeves

    The status of educational technology research in a VUCA world is examined. The acronym, VUCA, stands for "Volatility" (rapidly changing contexts and conditions), "Uncertainty" (... More

    pp. 26-30

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  5. STEMEdhub: Supporting STEM Education Initiatives via the HUBzero Platform

    James D. Lehman, Peggy A. Ertmer & Ann M. Bessenbacher

    Built as one of 60+ hubs on the HUBzero platform, STEMEdhub was developed in 2011 as a resource for research, education, and collaboration in STEM education. The hub currently supports 82 different... More

    pp. 31-34

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  6. Learning by Doing: Creating Engaging Online Learning

    Liz Romero & Maria Glass

    The purpose of this article is to describe the implementation of a Learning-by-Doing Instructional model to create an innovative language course. The authors describe the structure of the course,... More

    pp. 35-39

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  7. Overcoming Barriers to Classroom Technology Integration

    Daniel P. Kelly

    Technology-savvy teachers are often the "go to" staff members in schools for their colleagues' technology issues. These teachers are seen as leaders within their schools with respect to... More

    pp. 40-43

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  8. Educational Technology Research Journals: "Journal of Educational Computing Research," 2003-2012

    Rob Nyland, Noelle Anderson, Tyler Beckstrom, Michael Boren, Rebecca Thomas & Richard E. West

    This article analyzes articles published in the "Journal of Educational Computing Research" ("JECR") from 2003 to 2012. The authors analyzed the articles looking for trends in... More

    pp. 43-48

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  9. Q & A with Ed Tech Leaders: Interview with Punya Mishra

    Susan M. Fulgham & Michael F. Shaughnessy

    Punya Mishra is Professor of Educational Psychology and Educational Technology at Michigan State University, where he directs the Master of Arts in Educational Technology program. He currently... More

    pp. 48-51

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