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Educational Technology

1989 Volume 29, Number 11

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Design Guidelines for CAI Authoring Systems

    S Hunka

    Discussion of the use of authoring systems for courseware development focuses on guidelines to be considered when designing authoring systems. Topics discussed include allowing a variety of... More

    pp. 12-17

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  2. Some Learning and Instructional Theory Considerations for the Development of Computer Related Instructional Materials

    Peter E. Smith

    Presents guidelines for developing computer-assisted instructional materials that are based on theoretical instructional theories, including behaviorism; neobehaviorism (imitation and modeling);... More

    pp. 18-19

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  3. Computers in the Schools: A Diffusion/Adoption Perspective

    David W. Dalton

    Discussion of the impact of computers on education highlights the role that educational technologists can play as change agents. Topics discussed include models of the diffusion and adoption of... More

    pp. 20-27

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  4. Educational Technology in Australia: Origins, Status, Prospects

    Brian N. Wilson

    Discusses the field of educational technology and describes the evolution of the field in Australia. Definitions of educational technology are offered, the influence of computers is discussed,... More

    pp. 35-39

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  5. Social Barriers Hindering Successful Entry of Females into Technology-Oriented Fields

    Kathleen Yeloushan

    Discussion of the dominance of males in technology-oriented fields focuses on sex-related differences in conjunction with the use of computers in education. Topics discussed include the attitudes... More

    pp. 44-46

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