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Contemporary Education

1991 Volume 63, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Is Technology-Based Learning Effective?

    Alfred Bork

    Examines the quality of technology-based learning, investigating whether interactive technology can improve educational systems. The paper describes a program to gather evidence for definitive... More

    pp. 6-14

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  2. Integrated Learning Systems: From Teacher-Proof to Teacher Empowering

    Shari Robinson

    Schools must provide teachers with access to technology if they are to use it often and well. The article discusses integrated learning systems, noting teachers must be included in technology... More

    pp. 15-18

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  3. The Effectiveness of Integrated Computer Learning Systems in the Elementary School

    Philip V. Bender

    Examines the world of integrated learning systems, focusing on research that explains their success and noting what needs to be done to make them more effective in elementary education. The article... More

    pp. 19-23

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  4. Integrated Learning Systems: The Problems with the Solution

    Edward Bentley

    Discusses problems with integrated learning systems (ILSs) in the schools, noting they are still an unproven solution to problems in education plagued by many serious limitations. The article... More

    pp. 24-27

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  5. Cognitive Apprenticeship: A Model of Staff Development for Implementing Technology in School

    Donna L. Browne & Donn C. Ritchie

    Proposes a framework for designing staff development to implement technology in schools, focusing on needs assessment to ensure the transfer of knowledge and skills into regular teaching practice. ... More

    pp. 28-34

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  6. Simulation, Creativity, and Learning

    Frank P. Diulus & R Bruce Baum

    Discusses the value of educational simulation in enhancing teaching. It is effective because it is a realistic, active learning experience, it is highly interpersonal, there is an element of play, ... More

    pp. 35-37

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  7. The Technological Evolution in Schools: Reflections and Projections

    James E. Higgins

    Presents a first-person account of one teacher's experiences with computer hardware and software. The article discusses various programs and applications, such as integrated learning systems,... More

    pp. 47-53

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