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Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning

2014 Volume 46, Number 5

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Summer Bridge Program 2.0: Using Social Media to Develop Students' Campus Capital

    Derek L. Hottell, Ana M. Martinez-Aleman & Heather T. Rowan-Kenyon

    We know that social-networking sites, especially Facebook, offer all students the means to accumulate social capital through connection strategies. Developing social and academic connections... More

    pp. 34-38

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  2. Distance-Mentored Undergraduate Research

    Analia Albuja & Steven A. Greenlaw

    One strength of liberal arts and sciences colleges is their emphasis on so-called "high-impact practices" (HIPs), which are known to be associated with student success. These practices... More

    pp. 44-51

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  3. Beyond Hype and Backlash: Innovation, Technology, and the Future of Higher Education

    Mary B. Marcy

    The pace of technological innovation is affecting nearly every organization in the world. Unfortunately, much of the recent conversation about the uses of technology in higher education has become ... More

    pp. 57-59

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