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Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning

2001 Volume 33, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 2

  1. Rethinking the Land-Grant Research University

    L Leann Parker, David A. Greenbaum & Karl S. Pister

    The digital age beckons land-grant universities to serve K-12 education, as it did past industries, by helping develop and mold the dynamic workforce needed to keep pace with an increasingly... More

    pp. 12-17

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  2. A Day in the Life of Thomas Baggett: Technology and the Making of an International Intellectual Community in the Year 2020

    Rachel E. Saury

    Envisioning technology's future abilities to seamlessly integrate the teaching of language, literature, and culture, a faculty member imagines what a typical day could be like for an average... More

    pp. 18-23

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