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Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning

2000 Volume 32, Number 6

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Taking Over the Times?

    William F. S. Miles

    Describes how one professor's classroom assignment to get a letter published in the New York Times' (and thus receive an automatic A in the class), took an unexpected turn, prompting the professor ... More

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  2. Why I Left a University To Join an Internet Education Company

    Geoffrey M. Cox

    An administrator from an elite research university describes his move to an online educational enterprise, which he considers the latest in a history of educational innovations over the past 20... More

    pp. 12-18

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  3. Distance Learning: An Academic Leader's Perspective on a Disruptive Product

    Lloyd Armstrong

    Defines Internet Mediated Distance Learning (IMDL), describing it as a sustaining educational force; considering ways in which it can act as a disruptive technology (especially to today's markets... More

    pp. 20-27

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  4. The Crisis in Multinational Higher Education

    Philip G. Altbach

    With the demand for higher education increasing rapidly worldwide, the advent of new technologies and international collaboration offers new solutions and challenges. Presents facts about... More

    pp. 28-31

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  5. The Distance Education Debate: An Australian View

    D R. Jones & A L. Pritchard

    Australia has granted degrees to off-campus students for years. Presents three mistaken premises upon which much of American arguments against distance education are based: educational quality... More

    pp. 32-33

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