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Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning

1995 Volume 27, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Great Expectations: Content, Communications, Productivity, and the Role of Information Technology in Higher Education

    Kenneth C. Green & Steven W. Gilbert

    College and university investments in information technology should focus on content, curriculum, and communication, not productivity. In addition, expectations about how technology can benefit... More

    pp. 8-18

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  2. Asking the Right Questions: What Does Research Tell Us about Technology and Higher Learning?

    Stephen C. Ehrmann

    A discussion of technology in higher education looks at common, often erroneous, assumptions made in evaluating computer applications for teaching. The Flashlight Project, a three-year effort to... More

    pp. 20-27

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  3. An "Online" Experience: Discussion Group Debates Why Faculty Use or Resist Technology

    Steve Gilbert

    An online discussion of information technology use in higher education is excerpted here. Comments were elicited on the need for a different support infrastructure for "mainstream" faculty than for... More

    pp. 28-45

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  4. Teaching, Learning, & Technology--The Need for Campuswide Planning and Faculty Support Services

    Stephen W. Gilbert

    This article argues that most significant new applications of information technology cannot be integrated widely and effectively within a college or university without both the commitment of the... More

    pp. 46-48

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  5. Report from a Committee of Hope

    Bob Aiken

    The evolution and structure of a Temple University (PA) roundtable on teaching, learning, and technology are explained, including the activities of its subcommittees on changing the organizational ... More

    pp. 48-52

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