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International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences

Nov 30, 2015 Volume 63, Number

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Number of articles: 20

  1. Interpretation of Dreams and Kafka's <i>A Country Doctor</i>: A Psychoanalytic Reading

    Sara Mirmobin, University of Semnan, Iran (Islamic Republic Of); Ensieh Shabanirad, University of Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    Dreams are so real that one cannot easily distinguish them from reality. We feel disappointed after waking up from a fascinating dream and rejoice to wake up knowing the nightmare is ended. In some... More

    pp. 1-6

  2. Plant and Animal Production in Montenegro with Overview of the Food Industry

    Goran Rajović; Jelisavka Bulatović, College of Textile Design

    The subject of this paper is to consider the causes of the condition and systematization of the main problems of agricultural development in Montenegro. Bearing in mind the structure of... More

    pp. 7-16

  3. Demographic Processes and Trends: The Case of Region Polimlje-Ibar

    Goran Rajović; Jelisavka Bulatović, College of Textile Design

    This paper analyzes the contemporary demographic processes and trends in the case of the region Polimlje-Ibar. Population analyzed area is characterized by a steady decline in relation to the... More

    pp. 17-29

  4. Word, Revelation and Interpretation in the Light of the <i>Dei Verbum</i>

    Iulian Faraoanu, University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza", Romania

    This study aims at presenting the novelty in the ideas on the Word, divine revelation and biblical interpretation, as resulting from the works of the Second Vatican Council. The very title of the... More

    pp. 30-39

  5. Integrated Approach to ESD towards Enhancing Knowledge on Sustainable Development

    Jubilee Padmanabhan & Shireesh Pal Singh, Central University of Punjab, India

    Sustainable Development (SD) is one the most discussed issue now days, which is gaining priority day by day due to the exploitation of nature in a drastic way. It is from this apprehension that ... More

    pp. 40-47

  6. Foreign Languages: A Gate from the Past to the Present

    Mahdi Dahmardeh & Amir Nemati Limaee, University of Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    Persia has got an ancient, very rich history and civilisation. This has resulted into widespread relations between Persians and other nations along history. As a result, besides the Persian... More

    pp. 48-58

  7. Avestan Architecture: A Descriptive Etymological Lexicon

    Mahsa Hashemi & Hossein Najari, Shiraz University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    The Avesta could be considered as the most important masterpiece of ancient literature of Iran and its older parts as the oldest belletristic exploits. The importance of Avesta is... More

    pp. 59-70

  8. The Effect of Earnings Management on Liquidity Criteria and Lack of Liquidity Stock

    Mohammad Hossein Vadiei Nowghabi & Ali Shirazd, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran (Islamic Republic Of); Shaban Mohammadi, Hakim Nezami University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of); Alireza Khorshidi, M.A. Student in Accounting, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    Liquidity criteria that investors in making portfolio investments are involved. Among the factors that could affect liquidity, earnings management. Earnings management can accrual-based earnings... More

    pp. 71-81

  9. About Substance and Crisis of the Modern Confidence

    Viktor Tarasevych & Volodymyr Bilotserkivets, National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Ukraine

    The article discusses problems phenomenon of confidence in science and practice in the conditions historical development and modern economy. The features forming of the confidence “triangle” are... More

    pp. 82-90

  10. Understanding the Transhumance and Migration as Phase in the Humanity Cycles

    Alexandru Trifu, Petre Andrei University, Romania; Loredana Terec-Vlad, “Ştefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, Romania

    The human society evolves and develops according either to intrinsic (natural) laws and to so-called laws of motion imposed by the challenges, impulses, came from the actions of different... More

    pp. 91-94

  11. The Impact of Autocracy on Ibn Moataz’s Poem

    Robabeh Ramezani, Alameh Tabatabei University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of); Matikalaee Asghari & Ali Hosein, Mashhad Ferdowsi University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    It is not an easy task to learn complicated political and social situation of Abbasid history and its impact on the behavior of kingdom and ruling classes. Prince Abdullah ibn Moataz is a poet and ... More

    pp. 95-109

  12. Biopsychosocial Implications Related to the Breast Cancer in Women

    Ali Abdulrazig Uossif Alfilani, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

    Breast Cancer is among the most common cancer in women. Breast Cancer’s aggressiveness truly depends on the age of patient, status of lymph node and size of the tumor. Prognosis may the unfavorable... More

    pp. 110-117

  13. Viability of an Economic Housing for the Elderly: Input for a Residential Care Facility in Mandaluyong

    Renilda A. Magsino, Ester T. Edralin & Felecitas C. Tuazon, Rizal Technological University, Philippines

    This interdisciplinary, mixed-method research using the explanatory sequential design was undertaken to study one sector of the elderly community’s living condition in Mandaluyong City to determine... More

    pp. 118-128

  14. Physics Diagnostic Test: An Approach to Qualify Astronomy Students

    Ryan Manuel D. Guido & Ruby Ann B. Dela Cruz, Rizal Technological University, Philippines

    This study determines the learning outcomes measured by the physics diagnostic test, the performance of the incoming college freshman astronomy students in the physics diagnostic test, the... More

    pp. 129-135

  15. A Sartrean Existentialist Look at Bach's <i>Illusions: The Adventures of Reluctant Messiah</i>

    Samira Sasani & Seyedeh Sara Foroozani, Shiraz University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    Primarily introduced through the works of a Danish scholar Søren Kierkegaard in nineteenth century, existentialism is in fact a socio-personal philosophy, which assumes man as radically free, while... More

    pp. 136-144

  16. A Feminist Reading of <i>East of Eden</i> by John Steinbeck

    Somaye Mostafaei, University of Semnan, Iran (Islamic Republic Of); Ensieh Shabanirad, University of Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    East of Eden one of the most controversial works by John Steinbeck since its publication up to now has been receptive to many critical discourses in almost all of the critical approaches.... More

    pp. 145-150

  17. Short Excursus into the History of the Russian Symbolism Origin

    T.P. Vorova, N.V. Pidmogylna & O.I. Romanova, Oles Honchar Dnepropetrovsk National University, Ukraine

    Being well-known nowadays as the Silver Age of Russian literature, Russian symbolism is an extraordinary phenomenon of spiritual life at the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th More

    pp. 151-217

  18. Effect of Assertiveness Skills on Job Burnout

    Aqsa Butt & Zahid Mahmood Zahid, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan

    Assertiveness is the ability to express oneself and one’s rights without violating the rights of others. The need for assertiveness is widely acknowledged in different work settings, and in order... More

    pp. 218-224

  19. Robert Browning: A Dramatic Monologue Marvel

    Asghar Moulavi Nafchi, Hakim Sabzevari University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of); Mitra Mirzayee & Morteza Sobhani Zadeh, Semnan University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    One of the most effective literary devices within different didactic and aesthetic forms is the dramatic monologue. The dramatic monologue distinguishes the speaker’s character from that of the... More

    pp. 225-232

  20. Analysis Causes of the Incidence and Compare Social, Economic, Physical Characteristics of Informal Settlements, Case Study: City of Marivan in Kurdistan Province

    Farzad Veisi, Payame Noor University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    Informal settlements are one of the problems of urban management in developing countries. Various theories about the causes and management of these settlements have been proposed. The most... More

    pp. 233-242