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International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences

Sep 25, 2013 Volume 3, Number

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Effect of Smart Classroom Learning Environment on Academic Achievement of Rural High Achievers and Low Achievers in Science

    Prakash Chandra Jena, Lovely Professional University, India

    The present study is an experimental one and conducted in Jalandhar district of Punjab. The investigators has taken 60 secondary school students from Royal Convent School by using simple random... More

    pp. 1-9

  2. Structural Changes Utilization Agricultural Land and Plant Production: The Case Northeastern Montenegro

    Goran Rajović; Jelisavka Bulatović, College of Textile Design

    Among the growth, potential of northeastern Montenegro primary importance is agricultural land. The structure of agricultural land according to the use, by applying the method of alternating... More

    pp. 10-20

  3. Images of the Female Countenance in Renaissance Literature

    Mohammad Reza Modarres Zadeh, University of Isfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    In her article --The politics of gender|| Elaine Hobby gives a clear image of the confusion evoked in modern mentality by the juxtaposition of Renaissance literature and history. The romantic... More

    pp. 21-29

  4. Politics and the Humanistic Pose: David Hare’s Wall

    Bahareh Azad & Hossein Pirnajmuddin, University of Isfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    David Hare has tried his hand at „writing history" for the East in a number of plays. In Wall he is keen on conferring an aura of historicity on his personal account, one thinly masked by the... More

    pp. 30-36

  5. Strategic Interactions in Goffman’s Captivation

    Andrzej Borowski, Akademia Pomorska w Słupsku, Poland

    E. Goffman character analyzes into mutual conditionality of concept of physical and social borders abilities of persons for acquisition, disclosure and concealment of information scare. Analysis of... More

    pp. 46-53

  6. Characteristics of Pathogens which Might Be Used in an Bioterrorism Attack

    Piotr Daniszewski, Uniwersytet Szczeciński, Poland

    Bioterrorism is a complex and dynamic phenomenon, occurring in various forms. It is difficult now to define a uniform definition of terrorism that is changing under the influence of the development... More

    pp. 54-68

  7. Methodological Problems of Research the Penitentiary Institution in the Context of the Public Trust

    Andrzej Borowski, Akademia Pomorska w Słupsku, Poland

    The article treat about functioning of penitentiary institutions in the context of the paradigm of total institutions, the author is analysing current methodological arrangements in examining the... More

    pp. 69-74