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International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences

Feb 08, 2014 Volume 21, Number

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Number of articles: 18

  1. Comparing the Psychological Well Being Factors among the Parents of the Mentally Retarded Children with those of the Normal Children

    Narmin Boromand, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of); Mohammad Narimani, Mohaghegh Ardabili University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of); Tavakol Mosazadeh, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    The aim of the present research was to compare the psychological well being factors among the parents of the mentally retarded children with those of the normal children. the descriptive research... More

    pp. 1-8

  2. Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on the Financial Performance of Banks in Pakistan

    M. Shoukat Malik, Baha-ud-Din Zakariya University, Pakistan; Muhammad Nadeem, Institute of Southern Punjab, Pakistan

    The purpose of this paper is to investigate the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on the Financial Performance of banks in the service sector of Pakistan. The data is obtained from the... More

    pp. 9-19

  3. Tales and Allegories of Vision Ghazali and Rumi

    Seied Mohammad Bagher Kamaladdini, Payam-e-Noor University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    Among many tribes and nations fiction has a long history as a popular entertainment. The importance of stories is no secret. The meanings of the stories are quite concrete and contacts, events, and... More

    pp. 20-25

  4. The Relationship between Systematic Risk and Stock Returns in Tehran Stock Exchange Using the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)

    Mohsen Mehrara, University of Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic Of); Zabihallah Falahati & Nazi Heydari Zahiri, Sari University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    One of the most important issues in the capital market is awareness of the level Risk of Companies, especially “systemic risk (unavoidable risk)” that could affect stock returns, and can play a... More

    pp. 26-35

  5. The Effect of Audit Quality on the Performance of Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

    Morteza Ziaee, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    Audit opinion shopping has been studied extensively in accounting research. A firm engages in opinion shopping by influencing or even manipulating its auditor"s decision in certain ways to obtain... More

    pp. 36-43

  6. A Diachronic View upon the Bals Media

    Mihaela Gabriela Păun, Secondary School No. 1, Romania

    The study constitutes an application on the journalism field. Analyzing media outlets media operators that existed in the Bals city resulted: a) the existence of an intense journalistic activity in... More

    pp. 44-50

  7. Factors Affecting Entrepreneurship of Educational Management Students in Andimeshk Payame Noor University

    Sakineh Ghayazi, Faranak Omidian & Mohammed Hosseinpoor, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    The goal of this study was to search for the factors affecting entrepreneurship of educational management students in Andimeshk Payame Noor University in 2012-2013. That was a survey and the... More

    pp. 51-61

  8. Ife Oracle in Itsekiri Social System of Nigeria

    Jackson Omasanjuwa Ireyefoju & Florence Ejuogharanmakelesan Ireyefoju, College of Education, Nigeria

    Itsekiri people came from Egypt after the battle of Actium in 31 B.C. They arrived and settled in the present Warn Kingdom in about 28 B.C in Gborodo, Ureju and Ode Itsekiri. The leaders of the... More

    pp. 62-68

  9. Lullaby in Kallhor’s Culture

    Nahid Hemati & Saeed Nazari, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    One kind of folkollar literature, which has been played a major role in socializing children, is called as lullaby. Lullabies are public culture elements that have cultural specific meanings and... More

    pp. 69-77

  10. Dissemination of the Archetypal Field of Don Quixote in Camil Petrescu’s Work

    Odette Arhip, Ecological University of Bucharest, Romania; Cristian Arhip, Grigore T. Popa University of Iasi, Romania

    The study explores the incidence of Don Quixote-archetypal behavior upon the characters of the novels written by the great Romanian inter-war writer Camil Petrescu. The research is conceptually... More

    pp. 78-83

  11. Significance of Microfinance Institutions in Rural Development of India

    Rajesh K. Yadav, RKDF College of Engineering, India

    Micro finance is to supply micro credit to people living in utter poverty and has no reach to the conservative and formal financial products. It is an aid to engage them in productive activities... More

    pp. 84-90

  12. Status and Functioning of Distance Education in Bhutan: An Evaluative Study

    Prakash Chandra Jena, Lovely Professional University, India

    Bhutan is a small, landlocked country in southern Asia, between China and India. Its population is 634,982, and it covers 38,394 square kilometers. It has one of the world's smallest and least... More

    pp. 91-99

  13. Teacher Education and the Challenges of Global Economic Meltdown

    J.B. Babalola, University of Ibadan, Nigeria; Adesoji A. Oni, University of Lagos, Nigeria; Ademola Atanda, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

    The global economic meltdown is a serious worldwide malfunctioning economic activity that started in the United States of America in December, 2000 but became obvious in 2007 and full-blown between... More

    pp. 121-131

  14. Good Governance

    Peter Emerson, de Borda Institute, Ireland

    In many countries, „free and fair" parliament elections precede a process of cabinet selection which, in contrast, is often far from transparent. In single party majority rule, the party which wins... More

    pp. 132-155

  15. The Specific Character of Political Power under “Who Do I Obey Politically?”

    Oprea Valentin Buşu, University of Bucharest, Romania

    The study takes into account the organizational capacity, the numerical support, the competence, the specialized knowledge, the information control, the occupation of certain social positions, the ... More

    pp. 156-162

  16. The Illegitimate Children Parentage

    Arezo Rashidi, Jurisprudence and Principles Orientation, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    Parentage is linking something to something else. Linkage is of two types: 1. Longituidinal linkage like donation between fathers and sons. 2. Laternal linkage like a donation as between sisters... More

    pp. 163-171

  17. Research on the Internet and Check the Status of E-Banking in Iran

    Morteza Ziaee, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    E-banking is a special type of banking service to their customers to provide an electronic environment such as the Internet uses. This type of banking operations, including all of the bank receipt ... More

    pp. 172-180

  18. Work Life Balance and Job Satisfaction among the Working Women of Banking and Education Sector - A Comparative Study

    Rajesh K. Yadav & Nishant Dabhade, RKDF College of Engineering, India

    In the present scenario, work life balance for women employees is highly desirable and if there is no job satisfaction and consistency in life, it can create a dilemma for working women. Work life ... More

    pp. 181-201