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International Conference on "Innovation and Entrepreneurship and its Implications in Engineering and Business Education"

November 2010

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 2

  1. Enterprise 2.0 in Engineering and Business Education: Engineering and Business Students' View

    Andreas Ahrens, Jelena Zascerinska & Olaf Bassus

    Contemporary engineers and entrepreneurs need to become more cognizant and responsive to the emerging needs of the market for engineering, enterprise and technology services. Enterprise 2.0 which... More

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  2. A Comparative Study of the Relationship between Social Dimension of Web 2.0 Technologies and E-Learning: Students' View in Germany and Taiwan

    Andreas Ahrens, Melody Ling-Yu Wen, Ya-Hui Huang, Jelena Zascerinska & Olaf Bassus

    The social dimension of Web 2.0 penetrates our society more thoroughly with the availability of broadband services. Aim of the following paper is to analyze the students' view on the relationship... More

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